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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Next Cuno Book!

This Cuno Massey .45-Caliber book will be out in April...

Fugitive Cuno Massey is recruited to hunt down a gang of gunrunners who stole a wagon of weapons, intending to sell them to a Mexican general waging war against Yaqui Indians. To even the odds, Cuno forms an alliance with a Yaqui queen as savage as she is beautiful. With so much firepower and so many deadly players on the warpath, Cuno knows he's sitting atop a powder keg with a sizzling fuse...

This has a sort of female version of Navajo Joe in it.

I started this book at a horse camp in Sundance, Wyoming.  Sundance doesn't figure in...except that I wrote the first couple of chapters there, and I really like Sundance, Wyo....

Put a grin on my dogs' faces and pre-order your copy today!


  1. A female Navajo Joe ... now that's interestin'! I'll be reading this one, Pete.