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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bad Teacher

The sensibility behind this movee is so much like my own that hanging would be too good for me.  But I liked it alot.

Sophia Coppola is just jealous.

How can you not love Cameron Diaz, fer chissakes?

Great comedy with a nihilistic edge but a warm heart.  A former teacher must have written it.  It got a lot of bad reviews, and Cameron does look old in it, but that's part of the charm.

This is sort of like COACH with Kathy Lee Crosby, which I saw from my folks' backyard at the Starlight Drive-Inn Theater back in Grand Forks, North Dakota, circa 1978, because it was the Big Bad !'R'!--but this is wiser and funnier in a darker, wiser way.

How can you go wrong with an aging teacher trying to be the best she can be so she can afford a new set of hooters?


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  1. I liked this movie a lot, and my daughters, who are both teachers, did, too.