Monday, April 16, 2012

Bullet for a Virgin!

As I've been threatening to do for a while now, Mean Pete Press is in the process of writing and publishing exclusively for Kindle an ebook series of pulp-style westerns.  I'm writing a string of "spicy" western short stories, no longer than ten-thousand words each.  I was inspired by the western pulp collections that the great Tom Roberts has published with his Black Dog Books, especially Lust of the Lawless by Robert Leslie Bellem.

These stories will be sort of an homage to those and, I hope, entertaining yarns in their own right, with a slightly more contemporary, sexy edge.

I'm currently working on the first one, "Bullet for a Virgin."  I hope to have it up within the next two weeks.

Till then, gidyup buckaroos!

Mean Pete, His Own Nasty Self


  1. Did you consider doing a Print on Demand version of this, in addition to the kindle version?

  2. I don't know much about POD? Can you do that for a short story of only around 50 pages?

    Otherwise, maybe I should do that for a collection of ten or so. I guess I just don't know but would love some advice.

  3. That'll be on my Kindle the same day you publish it.

    You could definitely do a POD collection of several of them.

  4. Cool. Thanks, James. I'll do that. Till then, I'll be pounding the ole ole Mac.

  5. Ditto James's comment. Sign me up now. This sounds great--and I imagine a POD collection would sell well, too.

  6. I've never done POD myself, but from what I understand you can make them as long or short as you like. The price can vary on how many pages in the book.

    I'd certainly buy a POD collection of pulp style western stories!

  7. What them guys said. And man, that's a beautiful cover painting.

  8. Keep 'em coming, Peter. I'll be fightin' for a spot near the head of the line to get my copies!

  9. You can actually do a POD of a single story.


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