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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mean Pete's Favorite Mean An' Nasty Breakfast

People are always asking Mean Pete what he eats for breakfast.  Awaiting Mean Pete's answer, they sort of wince and turn away, as though they expect him to say he dines on the children he traps in the ravine by his house.


Shame on them to think such a thing.  Mean Pete doesn't eat the little ones.  He feeds 'em to his dogs!  Hah!

Anyway, Mean Pete's favorite breakfast is a very simple one, and his own recipe.

(though about the only thing mean an' nasty about it is that Pete himself makes it and eats it)

(For six medium sized griddle cakes)
A cup or so of whole Wheat flour
handful of oats
Lots of crushed walnuts
pinch of salt
two pinches of baking soda
a couple of big plops of yogurt
two dribbles of honey
Then you just need a couple of eggs sunny-side up, some good old-fashioned maple syrup, enough butter to give your cardiologist a panic attack, and a glass of milk.  I'd have added a couple of Boulder brats but I had three last night for supper and I gotta stay in trim so I can fight Apaches.
And...voila!  There's Mean Pete's Mean An' Nasty Breakfast.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I hear a dog choking on a little one.  How many times do I have to tell them to slow down and take their time, like the French? Dining ain't a foot race, you curs!

(And by the way, my next Lou Prophet tale will be out tomorrow...)


  1. Well, who knew? Had no idea that cooking up such a wonderful breakfast was in you, MP! This looks tasty and wonderful...and even a little bit healthy, which threw me for a loop, coming from MP!I learned something new about you today. Can't wait to lay my hands on HELL'S ANGEL. What a great title, too, btw!

  2. Can I just add, I thought it quite appropriate that one of the captchas I had to enter was the word, "teenoli"--which made me think of how much better it would be for you to feed your dogs something made with "teens" rather than the younger set? Kind of like...ravioli, maybe? LOL

  3. Teenagers scream too loud, Cheryl. Hee-hee.

    1. LOL well, I just couldn't resist when I saw "teenoli"--it made me think of all kinds of food possibilities for them critters of yorn!

  4. Next up: Mean Pete and the Colon of Steel.