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Friday, April 22, 2016

LAST STAGE TO HELL: Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter now available on Amazon!


After another long, wild chase after badmen, Prophet and his sometime-sidekick and lover, Louisa Bonaventure, fork trails. Prophet heads to Denver to stomp with his tail up. He doesn’t realize, however, that the pretty young vixen who lures him to her hotel room is none other than the governor’s daughter, Clovis Teagarden. And that she’s only sixteen...

After the night they’d spent together, he’d thought she was twenty-five going on forty!

Run out of town with a charge of rape dogging his heels, Prophet opens a letter a liveryman had given him. The letter is from his old friend, Margaret-Jane Olson, or Lola Diamond, as she was called in her acting days. (See The Devil & Lou Prophet.) Lola was in trouble the first time Prophet met her, and she seems to be in dire straits again. She needs Prophet’s help.

Since the bounty hunter suddenly finds it necessary to get as far from Denver as possible, anyway, he hops the stage in Cheyenne for the little town of Jubilee, where Lola Diamond now resides, in the wilds of western Dakota. On the coach he finds himself in the company of a beautiful Indian princess who was raised as a white girl by a white rancher up near Jubilee.

He also finds himself in the middle of a shooting war, the likes of which he’s never seen...

He has no idea who’s doing the shooting or why. After everyone on the coach except himself and the Indian girl have been murdered, he and the girl are on their own and must run a gauntlet of kill-crazy gunslingers who seem hell bent on keeping them from reaching their destination.

Next stop: HELL!

From the book:

The blast was deafening inside the coach. Flames spat from the Richards’ right barrel toward the man aiming his Winchester through the window. The man’s head turned bright red as it was torn off his shoulders and thrown a good five feet straight up in the air.

The man’s headless body triggered the Winchester into the coach. The bullet tore into the left arm of Johnny Wells, causing the dead man to jerk once more.

The other man, on the coach door’s left side, widened his eyes and thrust his own Winchester through the window left of the door. Prophet tripped the gut-shredder’s second trigger and made both men who’d come to investigate the coach’s contents a matching pair of headless, blood-spewing, Winchester-wielding corpses.


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