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Monday, August 3, 2015



Gideon Hawk is back riding the rough, lawless trails of the western frontier, piling up justices for his dead wife and son. 

Hawk is holed up in an old prospector’s cabin high in the Idaho mountains when he learns that an innocent girl has been kidnapped by the notorious outlaw businessman, Quentin Burnett. Burnett erroneously believes he owns this entire corner of Idaho...and all the people in it, including the girls. 

Burnett has a history of kidnapping young women and marrying them. He gets away with it because he’s rich and he knows the most powerful men on the frontier. When Burnett’s girls get too old for him, or he just plain tires of them, he sends them down to the second floor of his New Canaan whorehouse and puts them to work on their backs. 

That dark fate is not going to happen to Jennie Broyles. Not if Hawk can help it. 

With the assistance of the beautiful Saradee Jones, Hawk’s lover as well as his nemesis, Hawk goes to work showing Quentin Burnett what happens when bad men cross the Rogue Lawman’s trail. 

The only problem is Burnett has a passel of notorious gunslingers riding for him, and it might just be that this time Hawk and Saradee have taken on more than they can kill... 

“You know what, Saradee?”
“What’s that, Marshal Hawk?”
“I’m gonna miss you. Not as much as I miss my wife or my boy, but, may the gods forgive me, I am gonna miss you.”
“There you are—see?” Saradee said with delight, kissing him once more as the posse’s lead sung around them. “You’re under my devil’s spell!”
“I reckon.” Hawk laughed. He could laugh about it now, because he had so little time to live. Maybe ten more bullets was all he had left in his guns.
Then the torture of this life—all the bitter memories and strange hauntings and his hammering lust for this beautiful devil lying here beside him in this virtual stone coffin—would end.

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