Monday, August 31, 2015

The Second Dag Enberg, Shotgun Rider, Book Now Available!


For a while, Dag Enberg managed to hold onto his job as shotgun rider for the Yuma Line. Logan Cates worked it into his deal with Bud Normandy, whom Cates sold the line to. Cates lies dying in his big Victorian house overlooking the little desert town of Mineral Springs.
As is always his way, however, Dag once again becomes his own worst enemy. He gets himself fired when he raises a drunken ruckus in the Diamond in the Rough Saloon and beds the beautiful--and off-limits-- Zenobia Chevere.
“Enberg’s March,” the night comes to be called. Enberg’s explosion of lust and violence will live on in legend.
While much of the town might find Enberg’s stunt amusing, his wife does not. Emily heads out with her mother on the next stage. Though she’s pregnant with Dag’s child, her crazy Norski husband has finally pushed her too far.
When Apaches run down Emily’s stage, Enberg finds himself with maybe one more chance to win back his wife as well as his honor...if the Apaches don’t slow-roast him over a low fire before he can find her...

“Grab the sonofabitch!” shouted Marshal Clemens, climbing to his feet and retrieving his hat, a wing of mussed, gray-blond hair hanging over his right eye.
Two deputies jumped on Enberg. They weren’t nearly as big as Dag, and he shrugged one off easily, punched the other one, and then stepped over Normandy and stumbled off down the hall toward the stairs. He was grinning now, feeling exhilarated from both his sex with Zee and the fight.
When he was filled with whiskey, he loved nothing more than sex and a fight, not necessarily in that order.
Men stormed him from behind, and two more went flying. One punched Enberg in the back of the head and then in his ear, grunting as he hammered away at the big Norwegian. Enberg hardly felt the blows. He returned both punches to the man’s mouth, smashing the man’s lips and sending him stumbling back into the others, his mouth a bloody mess.
Enberg swung around, laughing, and continued on to the stairs. As he started down the steps, he yelled to Underhill who was still working behind the bar, “Another bottle, Wade. That first one went down like communion wine!”

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