Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Ben Stillman Now Available!

The long-awaited Ben Stillman novel is available at last!

Available as a 3.99 ebook and in hardcover from Five Star Publishing...

When Doctor Clyde Evans is kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night to tend a wounded outlaw, Sheriff Ben Stillman’s problems are only just beginning. Stillman tracks the doctor to a remote cabin deep in the Two Bear Mountains. He springs the doctor, shoots the outlaws, and confiscates the bank loot. 

He also arrests a beautiful young outlaw, Hettie Styles, who promptly puts a bounty on Stillman’s head. Compounding his problems, his old foe Jacob Henry Battles rides into town with a steel hook replacing the arm Stillman shot off years ago before sending Battles to prison. 

Dying from consumption, Battles was recently let out of Deer Lodge Pen. He says he’s in town merely to settle down, but after a shot is fired into Stillman’s house in the middle of the night, the sheriff thinks Battles is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Doc Evans must navigate more personal torments when young Evelyn Vincent, the waitress from Sam Wa’s CafĂ©, professes her love for the older sawbones only weeks before Evans is due to be married to the Widow Kemmett! 

From the king of the fast-action, sexy, hard-hitting western novel, this one has it all—love and death, bullets and blood...


Monday, May 11, 2015

Read the Rogue Lawman Screenplay for Free--New Link!

Go on over to SimplyScripts and read my recently penned screenplay adaptation of my first Rogue Lawman novel featuring Gideon Hawk. It's free!