Sunday, April 8, 2012

Once More With A .44 Now Available from Mean Pete Press

My second Ben Stillman book, originally published in 2000, has just gone up on Amazon from Mean Pete Press.

It should be available at B&N for Nook on Monday, the 9th of April.

This one follows ONCE A MARSHAL, the sales of which have been surprising for an old book--my first, in fact.  If ebook sales continue as thus, I'll be bringing a completely original series the E-way soon.  Why the hell not?

Mean Pete His Own Nasty Se'f is currently working on getting the next book in the Ben Stillman series up and available as a cheap ebook, and is working on another Lou Prophet book with the working title of THE DEVIL'S HALF-OUNCE (which refers to an evil dwarf named Mordecai Moon).

In the mean time, Mean Pete intends to head deep into the Mummy Range soon to pitch a tent and write where the only interruptions are those of the mountain jays pecking at his jerky pouch.  Have to get the ole Ranger serviced first, and hit the beer sales!


Mean Pete


  1. That's my boy. Far be it from me to dispute the "Mean Pete" moniker; sure in Hell wouldn't want to shatter the reputation. But sometimes, dammit, you are a real pussy cat...


  2. If you are going to bring out a whole new series of e-books, I would like to vote for the Six Gun Preacher series you previously mentioned. Be nice to see the Rogue Lawman series continued as well.