Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Up Next--Rogue Lawman!

The first Rogue Lawman will be up soon for both Kindle and Nook from Mean Pete Press.  Just gotta get the old cyber presses oiled up and primed and lay in a fresh bait of cigars and a few cases of cheap beer and dog food for the work force.  Crankin' these out takes time!

I keep getting lots of mail on this series.  It seems to have a fairly loyal following, so I've decided to start publishing new entries exclusively for ebook later this winter and next spring, using covers similar to this one.  The gent on the cover here is my friend Rock Kurz.  Rock looks almost as mean as Mean Pete himself, don't he?  He might be a tad better looking, but I bet Mean Pete gets more wimmen.  (Mean Pete has a bigger club, don't ya know!  Hee-hee.)

I also intend to finish up BULLET FOR A VIRGIN soon, as well.

Mean Pete needs to stop drinkin' so much beer and takin' so many naps not to mention yellin' and shakin' his fist at the neighbor kids!

In the mean time, ONCE A RENEGADE is doing well on Amazon.  It seems each one of these books from Mean Pete Press sells better than the one before!

That puts a grin on ole Mean Pete's craggy face.

Doesn't make him any less mean, though...

Stay tuned, pards.

Mean Pete His Own Mean An' Nasty Self


  1. Now you know well as I do it's the drinkin' and naps that keeps a fellar in fine writin' form. The kids --I agree with you. No sense scarin' their mama.

  2. It IS the naps that keeps a feller in trim! I'm about to take a nice long one and wake up snarlin' mean as ever. Too many beers in nod to ole Venus. Boy, she sure moves slow, don't she? I bet I had five beers waitin' for her to move a millimeter through Tim's welding helmet lens. It's a wonder she ain't been swallered up by a black hole by now!!