Monday, June 3, 2013

Two Lou Prophet Books Up Today!

One's new and one's dang near fifteen year's old.  (How can my books be getting old when I'm so young?!)  Anyway, the great Piccadilly Press has reprinted the third book in the series, with a much better cover, by Cody Wells, than the original, and Berkley has put out the latest, HELL'S ANGEL, with also a dang good cover though call me a curmudgeon but I'm just not a fan of computer-generated "paintings."  But, believe me, what's under the cover is terrific!

HELL'S ANGEL is the longest Prophet book I've written so far, and it has a guest-starring role with a character I write about under my Frank Leslie name.

Guess which one!

THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS (below) marks the first appearance of Prophet's beautiful, unbalanced sidekick, the Vengeance Queen herself--Louisa Bonaventure.  I wrote this book during a very long, cold spring in my old farmhouse in Minnesota, when all my dogs and cat and I were still alive and young!

Somehow, Prophet and Louisa manage to stay the same age forever, lucky skunks...
(Should be up soon at Barnes & Noble, as well!)

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  1. Mean Pete,

    Can you think of any western you've read where the cover was an accurate reflection of the content?