Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn in Mean Pete's Colorado

I got a new iPhone last week, after I took a spontaneous swim in Turtle River near Grand Forks, North Dakota. While the river spit me out, it fried my cell phone. That's all right. It was an old, flip-top cellphone and I'd been needing a new one though I was too cheap to do the deed on my own.

So now I've been enjoying the camera on the new Iphone, and here are some pics from the area around where Mean Pete carries out most of his nastiness. The foggy ones were taken today, Monday, October 28, while the others were taken on a crisp, sunny autumn day last week, along a trail I bike on. I've gotten a lot of ideas for books while traipsing and riding my mountain bike around these hills, so I thought I'd share a few of the pics.

Autumn Fog Settles Over the Neighborhood Here on Mount Milner

 Old Sodderberg Ranch.

 A little mule deer buck in the neighborhood. (One of many!)
 Fall foliage on the Colorado State University Campus

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  1. Seeing that muley buck makes me glad I've been sighting in my .270. An 11 point white tail buck almost ran over me last week while he was running with his nose to the ground, scenting a doe. I've loaded some Sierra 140 grain spitzer boat tail game king over 62.5 grains of Accurate Magpro. Stout and very accurate load. Just fired a 1 1/2" three shot group at 150 yards.