Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Book in the Revenger Series Now Live!

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Saddle up and ride the wild trails of the old frontier with the Revenger, Mike Sartain, as he rights wrongs for people who can’t right the wrongs themselves...


Sartain rides into the little mountain ghost town of Hard Winter looking for water. What he finds instead is a bushwhacker’s bullet. He kills the man who’d been trying to kill him but in so doing he isn’t able to find out why the man had been gunning for him.

Not that the Revenger, who has several bounties on his head, is new to folks gunning for him. But at least he likes to know who and why!

Then a young man rides into town, out of his head with a bullet in his shoulder. What in the hell was happening around Hard Winter? Why were folks so quick to shoot first and ask questions later?

When Sartain meets the lovely Dixie McKee, who runs the only business in Hard Winter, the Kicking Horse Saloon, he finds a good time in the sack but few answers. Only more questions.

Then an outlaw named Chick Beacham rides into town, and even more questions arise as the bullets start to fly!

“Get him out of here, Earl,” Dixie told the man leaning against the bar, “and I’ll set you and Johnny both up. You’ll be drinking on the house tonight. But you have to get him out of my place. I told him I’d never let him step foot in here again after what he did to the Pierson boy, and I mean it.”
Chick strode angrily up to the bar and slammed his fist down on top of it. “You shut up about that, goddamnit!” He pointed an angry finger across the bar at Dixie, who backed up a step and crossed her arms on her chest once more. “I told you to never mention it again, or you knew what I’d do to you!”
“Get out of my place, Chick!” Dixie screamed, clamping her hands over her ears and wildly shaking her head.
“Goddamnit!” Chick turned and began striding past Sartain, heading for the end of the bar with the intention of getting behind it.
Sartain put his left boot out. Chick’s own left boot snagged it. Sartain whipped the man’s foot up high. Chick dropped face first to the floor with a loud, indignant grunt and a thundering boom!

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