Friday, January 29, 2016

Complete List of Pseudonymous Writings by Peter Brandvold

LONGARM as by Tabor Evans

340--Longarm and the Holy Smokes Gang (Mar 2007)
341--Longarm and the Wolf Women (Apr 2007)
343-- Longarm and the Dwarf’s Darling (June 2007)
347—Longarm and the Guns of Fort Saber (Sept 2007)
356—Longarm and the Diamond Sisters (June 2008)
357—Longarm and the Happiness Killers (July 2008)
365--Longarm and the Hell Up North (Apr 2009)
366--Longarm and the Tin Cup Trouble (May 2009)
368--Longarm and the Gun Trail (July 2009)
370--Longarm and the Shotgun Man (September 2009)
372--Longarm and the Pleasant Valley War (Nov 2009)
377--Longarm and the Howling Maniac
381--Longarm and the Santiago Pistoleers (August 2010)
383--Longarm and the Killer Countess (Oct 2010)
386--Longarm in the Lunatic Mountains (Dec 2010)
391--Longarm and the Crossfire Girl (June 2011)
394--Longarm and the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse (Sept 2011)
397--Longarm and the Doomed Beauty (Dec 2011)
402—Longarm and the Hell Creek Lead Storm (April 2012)
Giant 30—Longarm and the Ambush at Holy Defiance (Jan 2013)
408—Longarm the Sins of Laughing Lyle (Oct 2012)
409--Longarm and the Banker’s Daughter (Nov 2012)
412—Longarm and the Cry of the Wolf (Feb 2013)
415—Longarm and Senorita Revenge (May 2013)
417—Longarm and the Diamondback Widow (July 2013)
419—Longarm and the Arapaho Hellcats (Sept 2013)
421—Longarm and the War Clouds (Nov 2013)
426—Longarm and the Sonora Siren (Apr 2014)
427—Longarm and the Coldest Town in Hell (May 2014)

NAVARRO as by Ralph Compton

BULLET CREEK as by Ralph Compton

THE TRAILSMAN as by Jon Sharpe

 298—Man’s Bounty (Aug 2006)
308—Border Bravados (June 2008)
314—North Country C Dead utthroats (Dec 2007)
316—Beyond Squaw Creek (Feb 2008)


  1. I never thought I would write this, but I miss Longarm. It was mostly a fun read. And thanks for the list, seems I didn't miss one :-)