Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Rogue Lawman Novel Now Available!

From the king of the hard-driving, fast-moving, sexy western...


Gideon Hawk shoots three men who try to rob the saloon he’s drinking in. One of those men is the spoiled son of a local rancher, Mortimer Stanley. The rancher doesn’t take kindly to Hawk’s killing his son despite the crime his son was committing.

When the rancher sends five men into town to kill Hawk, and Hawk turns them all toe-down, dead as stones, war clouds gather over the little prairie town of Cedar Bend.

Waiting for Stanley to make his next move, Hawk sees that Cedar Bend needs some cleaning up. He takes the badge of the corrupt town marshal, Roy Coates, and pins it to his own shirt. Coates doesn’t take kindly to that. He tries to bushwhack Hawk and gets a whipping for his trouble. Coates crawls home, where he swills whiskey, licks his wounds, and stews.

What makes Coates even owlier is the fact that Coates’s wife, Arliss Stanley, the daughter of the rancher, Mortimer Stanley, finds herself profoundly, primitively attracted to the tall, fearless stranger with the jade green eyes set against the severe Indian features of his war chief father. She finds herself a slave to her own passions as well as to Hawk’s.

She also finds herself caught in a whipsaw between her husband, her father, and the man they both want dead at all costs.

Explosive forces inevitably converge to affect the rogue lawman’s demise. When the smoke finally clears over Cedar Bend, if the rogue lawman is still alive, he’ll likely discover that one of his only remaining friends is the local undertaker, who whistles while he works and laughs all the way to the bank...

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  1. This was another great book from Mr. Brandvold. As always, Gideon Hawk takes no prisoners. Keep em' coming Mr. Brandvold!