Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brandvold's Weird West

I was always a bit of an odd child. No animals were injured though the neighbors were traumatized and the one lone cop in our town kept an extra sharp eye on that little white house at the edge of Napoleon, North Dakota.

This book should prove my instability--my first weird, or "paranormal," if you like, western. A kick-ass tale of rough and ready Clay Carmody, a gold-seeking drifter, and the beautiful sheriff of Camp Hawkins, Colo. Terr.--Claudine Bridger. (She's hot!) This frisky duo gets in all kind of trouble, including love trouble, as they stalk an Indian demon up Poudre Canyon.

Lots of grisly happenings in this one, friends. Snakes slithering out of a school privy, old women hanging themselves, dead hardcases coming back to life again and raising hell, etc. And my demon looks like a pig crossed with a bear but with a mountain goat's body. He bugles like an elk on Halloween! (Think Sarah Palin swilling PBR's and drawing a .357 bead on Todd.)

I wrote this book several years ago but had it rejected by my usual publisher because of the "weird" element. I've been snarling and licking my wounds, keeping the manuscript close, and biding my time.

Now, with electronic publishing, my time has come! So, here it is--BAD WIND BLOWING. (Think Max Brand, Robert E. Howard, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, and...well...the deranged kid in your neighborhood.)


(Published by Rebecca Vickery at Western Trail Blazer, December 2010)

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  1. Hi Peter,
    The cover jumps right off the page here. This was a fantastically weird western and I knew it needed publishing. And I can believe that cop had his hands full watching you. LOL
    Congrats on the release and wishing you tons of readers.

  2. A weird Western, huh? Sounds OK to me!

  3. "Weird" Western this may be, but it also is a DAMN GOOD Western by any measure. Plenty of action, gunplay, snappy dialogue, a healthy dose of sex --- plus the spooky-as-hell stuff. Brandvold does a great job of mixing the supernatural angle with traditional Western elements and the overall result is a fun, exciting read!