Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Bear Haskell!


In fact, it’s written by a veteran Longarm writer...

Meet Bear Haskell, former union war hero, former Pinkerton agent, current deputy United States marshal, and lover of some repute.

Bear’s a big man--over six and a half feet tall and as broad as a barn door. He wears a necklace of bear claws taken from the grizzly that almost had him for supper. That’s the kind of man bear is. He’s holds a grudge and he gives no quarter--to grizzly bears or men.

Bear rides for Chief Marshal Henry Dade out of Denver’s First District Court.

In this fourth adventure, Henry Dade sends Haskell deep into the frozen bowels of Dakota Territory to solve a series of unexplained murders in the little town of Sioux Camp. Two of the town’s prominent businessmen and the postmaster have been gunned down. Tortured with bullets, in fact.

The county sheriff was also killed, and the first deputy U.S. marshal sent to investigate, from the territorial capitol in Bismarck, also met a grisly fate on the streets of Sioux Camp. So now it’s Haskell’s turn to investigate. On the way there, he meets the beautiful daughter of a prominent Dakota rancher, and they while away a stormy night in a storm-wracked hotel in Oxbow, in the best possible, toe-curling fashion.

When Haskell finally arrives in Sioux Camp, he finds the town’s sole lawman there to greet him. But the local lawman’s about as warm and accommodating as a side of frozen beef, for he’s hanging from a noose thrown over a beam in his office!

From there, Haskell’s visit to northern Dakota Territory continues to go even farther south. Things get crazier and even more dangerous when he meets up with a non-hibernating bruin while chasing a potential killer, and the beautiful Sioux madam who runs the local parlor house and calls herself Chance.

Oh, and there’s also Chance’s Sioux bodyguard, Jimmy Two Eagles, and his nasty sawed-off, double-barreled shotgun that threatens to give the nettled lawman from Denver a particularly nasty belly ache.

It’s all here, all-action western adventure in its rawest, fastest form—Bear Haskell, Bullets, Bruins & Lady Called Chance!


  1. I'm outta my head reading ALL your stuff I can get my hands on. Bought a KINDLE ( said I NEVER WOULD) BECAUSE of Bear and Louisa. LOVE those Characters. Whats KILLIng me. I read U wrote 29! Lon arms. I know ambush @ holy D. Horsewomen of Apocalypse, doomed Beauty. Which Other ones? wanna add to my library NOW! Have a TON of Prophets, all the Haskells, Both Bush riders. Thanks!

  2. Here is a complete list of my pseudonymous work:

    LONGARM as by Tabor Evans

    340--Longarm and the Holy Smokes Gang (Mar 2007)
    341--Longarm and the Wolf Women (Apr 2007)
    343-- Longarm and the Dwarf’s Darling (June 2007)
    347—Longarm and the Guns of Fort Saber (Sept 2007)
    356—Longarm and the Diamond Sisters (June 2008)
    357—Longarm and the Happiness Killers (July 2008)
    365--Longarm and the Hell Up North (Apr 2009)
    366--Longarm and the Tin Cup Trouble (May 2009)
    368--Longarm and the Gun Trail (July 2009)
    370--Longarm and the Shotgun Man (September 2009)
    372--Longarm and the Pleasant Valley War (Nov 2009)
    377--Longarm and the Howling Maniac
    381--Longarm and the Santiago Pistoleers (August 2010)
    383--Longarm and the Killer Countess (Oct 2010)
    386--Longarm in the Lunatic Mountains (Dec 2010)
    391--Longarm and the Crossfire Girl (June 2011)
    394--Longarm and the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse (Sept 2011)
    397--Longarm and the Doomed Beauty (Dec 2011)
    402—Longarm and the Hell Creek Lead Storm (April 2012)
    Giant 30—Longarm and the Ambush at Holy Defiance (Jan 2013)
    408—Longarm the Sins of Laughing Lyle (Oct 2012)
    409--Longarm and the Banker’s Daughter (Nov 2012)
    412—Longarm and the Cry of the Wolf (Feb 2013)
    415—Longarm and Senorita Revenge (May 2013)
    417—Longarm and the Diamondback Widow (July 2013)
    419—Longarm and the Arapaho Hellcats (Sept 2013)
    421—Longarm and the War Clouds (Nov 2013)
    426—Longarm and the Sonora Siren (Apr 2014)
    427—Longarm and the Coldest Town in Hell (May 2014)

    NAVARRO as by Ralph Compton
    BULLET CREEK as by Ralph Compton

    THE TRAILSMAN as by Jon Sharpe

    298—Dead Man’s Bounty (Aug 2006)
    308—Border Bravados (June 2008)
    314—North Country Cutthroats (Dec 2007)
    316—Beyond Squaw Creek (Feb 2008)

  3. Thank U so Much, Mr Branvold. I CANNOT tell u how much I love your writing, sir.Longarm ,Bear, Lou or my Particular Fave Louisa B. Jesus above keep em coming, sir!I NOW!! Can go Load my kindle to the seams! Any chance for a Louisa solo adventure? I know the rights would stop this, but. crossover w/ Bear and Custis would be fun.Or Prophet and Longer. Gawd Damn I miss Cynthia Larimer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing. I WILL own em all!! Just wish U could revive Custis somehow!

  4. just finished Horsewomen of Apocalypse. my God. U are So damn good. I am soon pumped. gonna go get em all now!The Devils winchester was incredible. I like the Love! Hate! LOVE relationship between Lou and Louisa.Sartain is a badass as well. Im getting turned on to them all! Custis has been and ALWAYS will be my fave. I also love how the different characters ARE DIFFERENT. No one wrote a better Custis P Long than u. Cynthia Larimer was your creation, yeah? Like to see HER back sometime! Thank u SO much for all the entertainment.Dunno who the hell writes better than u! Now I don't have to look for keywords- Consarned, jutting or jutted, or Quirley or other tells to find your Longarms! wow!