Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Secret Life of Peter "Mean Pete" Brandvold!

When Mean Pete isn't writing, you can usually find him in his beer barn, where he brews beer with friends on spring, summer, and autumn weekends... Here, for the first time, is a glimpse inside the brew barn and...drumroll...Mean Pete's secret brew book! (Budweiser's been trying to get their nasty, venal hands on this for years!)

Above, my brew pals, Kent Quamme, who I met when I taught English--and I use the term taught very loosely--over twenty years ago. He's a fellow North Dakotan so we put up with him when others would not. The bearded hombre on the right is Bill Schmidt, whom I met in the hallowed halls of Central Junior High in Wahpeton, North Dakota, 24 miles west of here, just across the mighty Red River of the North, when we were both in the 5th-freakin' grade. Bill's a fan of all things old--cars, pens, motorcycles, chainsaws, (I was going to add women but that would get us both in trouble so I won't) and cameras, one of which he is holding here. Bill rebuilt an old '57 Chevy when he was maybe 12 years old. He can fix anything. I mean ANYTHING! And if it ain't invented yet, he'll invent it! Just so he can break it and fix it!

Here's our brew dog--Buddy--who is very protective of the brew barn...and loves mud.

Mean Pete and Bad Buddy

The brew book and Mean Pete's favorite recipe!
The Sparge:
syphoning the mash juice, aka beer, into our boiling kettles.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. You have a real live beer factory there!

  2. I assume that this is just research for your next book!

  3. No, it's to make beer with which to fuel the writing of my next book!

  4. Hey Pete! It's Tess Mallory AKA Saturn Girl! How are you doing? I was so happy to see the incredible success you've had with your books! And now a Beer Meister too! Haha! Just wanted to say hello. Hope you and yours are doing well!