Monday, July 10, 2017

Days of Thunder Now Available!

My two ebook-original Dag Enberg, Shotgun Rider westerns--THE SHOTGUN RIDER and TWO SMOKING BARRELS are now available in print. Not only in print, but in a beautiful new hardcover omnibus edition from Five Star. Check it out at Amazon!



  1. Hey Pete,

    What do you have in the pipeline? Any chance we will see any more Rusty Spurr books?

  2. I am right now working three Lou Prophet novels for Pinnacle, same publisher who publishes the Johnstone books. So those will be out in paperback starting a year from now. Also later this fall I'm going to finish up the fourth book in my Yakima Henry Quartet by Frank Leslie. I plan to write another Rusty Spurr book, a direct sequel to OLD WOLVES, this winter.

  3. Very good. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Which one of the recurring characters in your books do you enjoy writing about the most?

  5. That's really hard to say. It's like saying which kid you like most. But if someone were holding a gun to my head, I'd probably say Prophet. But also Stallman and Spurr and Gideon Hawk and Yakima Henry's right up there, too, so...

  6. Greetings Mr. Brandvold!

    First, kudos and thank you for all the reading enjoyment!
    On the query side of things, I write to request an interview for my modest new blog on Western fiction.

    If amenable, terrific!

    If time or inclination does not permit, no worries.

    Much success to you!
    Mark Hatmaker

    PS-You can view the blog here:

  7. I just stumbled on your blog today.

    Sure, I'd be happy to give an interview.

    Here's my email address:

  8. Mr. Brandvold,

    Any new books on the horizon?

  9. Brad,

    I'm working on three Prophet books that will be published starting next summer. Also doing some ghosting work but will soon write the fourth book in the Yakima Henry quartet, Apache Springs. I'll write some more soon about the Prophet books.