Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Colter Farrow Novel On the Way!

This should be up around mid-January. Mean Pete Press has been on hiatus while I've been writing some paperback Lou Prophet books for Pinnacle (see cover to the left) and doing some ghost work.

I've been wanting to get back to the red-headed, left-handed gunslinger with the nasty S branded into his face, Colter Farrow, for a long time. In this one, Colter is finally going home to his foster mother Ruth and his first love, Marianna Claymore. Only the valley in which Colter grew up in the Lunatic Mountains of southern Colorado is in the grip of a vicious, land-grabbing rancher who wants the valley for himself. He's killed Marianna's husband, burned her ranch, and forced her into marriage with him. Colter's headed home, all right, but he won't be greeted with bells and whistles but with the rocketing reports of Winchester rifles...


  1. Boy. Have U cost me sleep this year. I am in the middle of all your Longarms. Read all the Bear Haskell books. LOVE PROPHET& LOUISA. Started Hawk Friday. I dont know if I have EVER READ work so VIVID. Custis& Cynthia &Louisa & Lou my faves. I rec a comment from u before that u tried to get rights to Longarm. I wish somehow that could happen.��#5 and beyond bear haskell coming out? The ONLY reason I bought a kindle was to get some of Your work. I cant tell u how much I enjoy your stuff!! Longarm 381, GidHawk 1, and Prophet 4 reading right now! Custis shoulda married ol Larimer at the end there. I wish somehow someway. U could continue Longarm.
    Thanks sir! Sincerely.
    Dave Kinney @

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dave. You made Mean Pete's day!

    I wish I could get Longarm rights, too, but there's just no way. More Haskell books are on the way, though!