Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lone Wolf McQuade

I defy anyone to come up with a better movie to watch when celebrating the purchase of a new suitcase of PBR.  Sorry, it just ain't out there.  But I do recommend drinking at least seven, with a whiskey chaser, before punching it into the ole VCR.

Even then, you'll want to run full-tilt and head-first into your brick-lined den wall several times without a helmet on, but if you have half a brain left after that, you'll appreciate the line delivered by the truly great L.Q. Jones better than anything Sir Lawrence recited from Shakespeare, when he and Lone Wolf McQuade (Chuck Norris)--no, not Sir Lawrence or Shakespeare--first see Barbara Careira on horseback.

"Hey, how'd you like to bite that in the butt, develop lockjaw, and be dragged to death?"

Excuse me while I fetch another beer.  I have it paused just before the grand finale!


  1. Agreed, this is an amazing drinkin' movie. How about that Lazarus scene? And Carradine is the epitome of cool--kicking ass while wearing a sweater, polyester slacks, and loafers. And then there's the wolf, the women, the weapons ... and the diminutive baddie raging and waving his tiny fists in the air.

    I may have to watch this again soon. No, I won't mention how many times I've seen it....

  2. It's brilliant. And I love Carradine in it. Don't you feel like the writer was channeling the drunk ghost of every writer of spaghetti westerns who ever walked the planet? I saw a lot Django-Corbucci influence, as well as Sabada.

  3. Absolutely--that opening in the gravel pit, with Chuck skylined, squinting down at them puts me smack in the middle of half the spaghettis I've ever seen. And the soundtrack seals it.