Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mean Mary

Fittingly I suppose, Mean Pete has been listening to Mean Mary (no known relation) after a long, hard, mean day's writin' work.  

This girl can pick and croon like few Mean Pete has ever heard before.  All I know about her is that she's from Florida and she and her brother, Frank James, play together.  "Mean" Mary James is right up there with Bobbi Gentry and Tammy Wynette though a whole lot better with a guitar and banjo.  Listening to her makes me want to sit out on the stoop in the silky Southern air with a jar of sour mash and a blue tick hound snoozing at my feet.  Maybe just get up of a sudden and dance a jig and howl at the powder horn horn rising over the misty ridges.

In Mean Pete's book, Mean Mary rocks.  Er...picks!

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