Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rogue Lawman Kickstarter Project!

Gideon's sort of like Mean Pete that way.  But instead of standing on his front porch shaking his fist at the neighbor kids, Gideon Hawk employs the use of his Colt and Russian .44s...not to mention one hell of a badass attitude that by comparison make's Mean Pete look like Captain Kangaroo. 

Anyway, this is the poster for the film project we hope to have up and rolling at soon.  Producers Peter Lefevre and Nick Allan of Propeller Productions are putting the whole thing together out in LA.  

The script, based on my short-story "The Lonely Widow," (avail. for 99 cents at Amazon and B&N) was penned by Hollywood director, screenwriter, and cinematographer Dermott Downs.  Dermott's directed many television shows and been the director of photography on such series as CSI and Bones.  He did a hell of a job on the script.  I was tittering in my beer as I read the thing all the way through and then read her again.

The crux of the matter is this:  We're putting this project up on Kickstarter to lure investors--small-time, medium-time, big-time.  We'd like to film this as the pilot to a proposed television series called ROGUE LAWMAN.  But we need financial help in doing it.  Your help, if you've a dime to spare the unwashed and needy.  Or if you're a fan of the series and/or would just plain love to see a slam-bam action western series on televeision again.  

And about the investing, I mean that literally--a dollar or two or ten or twenty or a hundred here or there will get her done, and we'll be able to film this script as a pilot and hopefully entice one of the tv networks to run it as a series.

And if you ask me, it's about time we get another western tv series up and running!  Been a long time since we've had one on regular-like.  A long-running one like Gunsmoke or High Chaparral.  (Remember those?!)

ROGUE LAWMAN will be very much like those but with a dark, violent, sexy contemporary edge. But if you've read any of the Rogue Lawman novels (all available at Amazon and elsewhere, by the way--wink-wink) you already know that.

I'll let you know when this goes live at Kickstarter and then you can get it from the horse's mouth what's in the investment for you.  But I will say that if you fork over enough dinero, you might get to sit around a bubbly pool with Mean Pete hisself and some umbrella drinks and Mean Pete's own covey of scantily clad, Stetson-wearing starlets... 

But don't quote me on that.

Gotta run.  Kate Upton just walked in.  (I think she wants a part in the pilot.)  "Kate, honey, would you mind fetchin' Mean Pete a beer so he don't have to hoist his old bones out of this comfortable chair?  Thanks, honey.  Much appreciated.  Hey, is that a new bikini..?"

Mean Pete His Own Nasty Self (oh...and his sidekick)


  1. Hot damn! Love Gideon and would love to see him on the screen. Since I have all the books in print (and digital), I have already contributed. But if it looks good, I'll thrown in sawbuck. I'm not spending any dough in Colorado, though. Those gun grabbers ain't gettin my money.

    Chris Dacus

  2. I'm in. Let us know when it gets started and i'll fork over some cash.

  3. Thanks, fellas. I hope it pans out. Oh...and Gideon won't be givin' up his guns anytime soon. And that's bond!

    Mean Pete