Monday, April 29, 2013

Brand New Rogue Lawman Now Available!

“You’re the posse now?”
“Close enough.”
“That’s right.”
“Where’s your badge?”
Hawk slid the lapel of his black frock coat to one side, revealing his sun-and-moon deputy U.S. marshal’s badge.  The whore leaned forward slightly in her chair, frowned as she studied the three ounces of tin-plated copper.
“I hate to tell you this,” she said with a dubious look.  “But you’re wearin’ it upside down.”
Her look was skeptical.  “May I ask why?”
“It’s an upside down world...full of upside down laws.”
“And you’re an upside down lawman...?”
“Houndin’ upside down owlhoots.”  Hawk grinned as he threw back the last of his shot.

Now Available and Amazon and Barnes & Noble!


  1. Got mine! Can't wait to dive in and start reading ... Besides, I live too close to that scary lookin' hombre with the big, bright Bowie knife --- he might come after me if I do otherwise!

  2. It's a winner. No doubt. I'm glad Gideon is back after a little hiatus.

  3. That's all I needed to hear. Buying mine now.