Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Cuno Massey Tale!


Cuno Massey has been cooling his heels in the little northern New Mexico town of Nopal, trying to give up his gunslinging ways and return to freighting.

But a large gang of cutthroats who call themselves “the Boys” led by the savage killer Cecil Craig run Cuno’s freight wagon off the road and into a canyon, killing his mules and setting the young freighter afoot.

That’s only the start of the desperadoes’ depredations.

They take over Nopal intending to settle up for past grievances by raping all the women and killing all the men before burning the town to the ground.

Their first mistake, however, was not making sure the beefy young freight wagon driver was dead. Because that was not just any young freighter.

Cuno Massey straps on his .45 and takes on the gang...with a little help from some lovely, Winchester-wielding ladies and an old friend...


Cuno fired at a jostling shadow. The outlaw cursed, dropped, tried to heave himself to his feet. Cuno fired, watched in satisfaction as the outlaw went flying backwards and twisting around before landing on his belly.
“Stop!” he cried. “You’ve killed me!”
Cuno walked up to the man, who turned his head to glare up at him, eyes flashing hatefully.
“Not quite.” Cuno drilled a round between his eyes. “There. Now, I killed you.”

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