Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blood Mountain...Coming Again Soon!

Berkley published this originally back in 1999.  I think it's one of my best books.  In fact, I think it might be my favorite of all the nearly sixty I've written since then.  It's a stand alone, not a part of any series, and I've always wanted to go back and continue the saga of Glen Nordstrum but just never got around to it.  Maybe I just never felt like I could write another tale about him as good as I think this book is.

Anyway, my own personal publishing house, Mean Pete Press, will publish it soon on Amazon for Kindle, and it will sell for $2.99--less than you can buy a coffee for these days unless you brew it yourself.

Livia Reasoner made the cover, and I really like it a lot.  It captures the mountains that are in the novel as well as the gritty, sort of desperate atmosphere.  She's working on one for me for the next book I intend to republish, my very first one--ONCE A MARSHAL.

I'll let you know when this one hits the cyber stands, and post an excerpt.  Till then, keep a finger on your trigger and one eye on your backtrail!

Poudre River Pete Brandvold, his own mean an' nasty self