Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cover Preview: The Bells of El Diablo

I love getting the covers for upcoming books.  I especially love it when I love the cover, as I do this one.  It captures the spirit of the tale and is a damn good piece of western art, to boot.  I'd love to have it on my wall but I doubt I could afford it.

The Bells of El Diablo is the first book in a new series about Confederate treasure-hunters in the American Southwest.  The main characters are young Lieutenant James Dunn and his side-kick, Crosseye Reeves.  It will be on the stands in July.  I have a follow-up yarn in the works.



  1. Great cover, Peter!
    And, as someone who's had the privilige of being offered an advance reading of THE BELLS OF EL DIABLO, I'm here to say it is a terrific tale well deserving of a smash cover.

  2. Wow, two fine covers in one week. I'm envious!