Tuesday, March 27, 2012

.45 Caliber Cross Fire Excerpt

This one should be available now in most stores, including Barnes and Noble, and next week from Amazon.

In the latest Cuno Massey yarn, Cuno and Deputy U.S. Marshal Spurr Morgan team up with a beautiful Yaqui princess--beautiful an' mean an' nasty, that is!--chasing gunrunners, who sacked a U.S. Army fort, deep in Mexico.  They end up fighting not only the gunrunners but also the Federales the gunrunners are running the guns to, and who've piss-burned the Yaqui good by trying to tunnel through the Indians' sacred mountain so they can lay railroad tracks to a gold mine.

Watch for the start of Spurr's own series, THE LAST LAWMAN, coming in October...

Here's a short excerpt from .45-CALIBER CROSS FIRE:                                   

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  1. Looking forward to this one (like all your stuff), Peter - a new Cuno Massey is always good news. Like what we've seen so far of Spurr Morgan, too, and am looking forward to seeing him in his own yarn. And then, of course, there is the scantily-clad Yaqui princess you feature in the above excerpt above ... reckon I wouldn't mind seeing more of her (pun very much intended) as well