Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Look Into The Nerve Center of Mean Pete Press!

Several of Mean Pete's legion of fans have asked, "Just where is Mean Pete Press, anyway, Mean Pete?"

And I've had to tell them that if I told them I would have to put the whack on them.

But here is an exclusive photo of the bowels of the "Mean Pete" offices, tucked away in a remote corner of the Rocky Mountains where no government hit-men will ever find us.  (The Jehovah Witnesses must have better Satellite Navigation Systems.)   But just in case they do, Mean Pete's guard dog, senses honed to a razor edge and trained in the art of samurai-style attack and dismemberment, is always on watch.

Two of Mean Pete's heroes are tacked to the bulletin board behind the computer--Jonah Hex as drawn by the late great Tony DeZuniga on the left, and the great James Stacy, who played Johnny Madrid on the LANCER tv series, on the right.  Both are signed!

Mean Pete


  1. So that's where all the magic happens. It's less bone-strewn and bullet-pocked than I had imagined....

  2. We at Post Modern Pulp Books must make due with a couple of guard cats. One of them is kinda big and fat, the other one is small but fierce. They are both black and white, however, so at least they match the new imprint logo.

    I picked up the newest short - going to enjoy some Redneck Horror!