Friday, August 3, 2012

Redneck Horror From Mean Pete Press!

This is a contemporary--well, sort of--horror short-story set in the Georgia backwoods.  It is, indeed, a redneck horror tale.  Think Stephen King crossed with Flannery O'Connor and Mean Pete's very favorite horror/suspense writer, Ambrose Bierce (yeah, of Old Gringo fame).  It's sort of like the movie Cabin Fever or the great drive-in classic The Town That Dreaded Sundown but with a supernatural edge.

It's up and running at Amazon and should be at Barnes & Noble though they take longer to publish them than Mean Pete takes to write them.

Note:  Please don't read this if blood'n'guts and...ahem...colorful language offends you.  And if you don't like Confederate ghosts.  Please do not write to Mean Pete and tell him how ill he is.  He knows that.  He revels in it!


Mean Pete His Own Mean An' Nasty Self

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