Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Ben Stillman Coming Soon!

I just finished working up this cover for the next Ben Stillman novel I intend to have up and running by the beginning of next week.  I've stopped numbering the Ben Stillman books because after the first one, ONCE A MARSHAL, it really doesn't matter what order you read them in.  This was first published in 2003 and here for the first time since he was married in the first book, Ben is tempted by someone other than his beautiful French wife, Fay.

Murder and mayhem of both the physical and mental nature, and loads of action...only from Mean Pete Press!

I haven't written a stillman novel for about eight years, and I really miss the old guy.  He was my first western hero, after all.  And since this series is selling really well--better than most of my print books these days--I'm making room on my calendar for continuing this series with new, original novels this winter and publishing them right here in the dingy offices of Mean Pete Press.

I still love print, but ebooks are obviously more and more the way to go.  I mean, even my own dad has a Nook, for cryin' in the beer!  What's next--dogs and cats sleeping together?!

Gidyup, pards.

Mean Pete His Own Mean An' Nasty Self

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  1. More Stillman! This is good news, Pete. The ebook revolution is perfect for such ventures. I'm finding similar success with my own ebooks.

    And regarding the dogs and cats ... I just saw a Siamese and a Chihuahua frollicking together. Oh boy....