Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BULLET FOR A VIRGIN (And That's Too Good For Her!) FREE!

Starting tonight (Wed., August 29, or tomorrow if you prefer, Thurs., August 30) and for the next FIVE-FREAKING DAYS--over the Labor Day Weekend--Mean Pete's retro-pulp-spicy-western will be

I thought that would make me feel less mean but it makes me feel even meaner--probably because while you all are chowing on burgers and hotdogs and macaroni and pineapple salad and getting pie-eyed and hitting on your neighbor's spouse, I'm gonna be in my dingy, cur-infested office, cranking on the printing presses with Swisher Sweets dangling from my lips. 
Maybe this will keep you out of trouble for a few hours.  But if it inspires any anti-social behavior, don't blame it on Mean Pete!!!
Well, I'm off to go lay in a fresh supply of virtual ink. Gidyup!
Mean Pete His Own Mean An' Nasty Self

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