Friday, September 14, 2012

The Last Lawman Sneak Peek!

Lassen yur yaller, click the illustration for my Website over there on the right-hand side of this blog, and read the first chapter of Mean Pete's new book featuring U.S. Deputy Marshal Spurr Morgan.  (Double-click on that opening introductory page after you're done enjoying the theme song to The Magnificent Seven). Then click the tab on the website labeled "Last Lawman Preview."

Spurr is old, and he's got a weak ticker.  A lifetime of hunting killers and other mangy human polecats, drinking whiskey, smoking too much, and entertaining the ladies will do that to a man.

But when a gang who calls themselves the Vultures led by Clell Stanhope kills one of Spurr's best lawman friends and lays waste to a couple of Wyoming mountain towns, kidnapping a pretty woman after killing her son, Spurr hits the owlhoot trail with his Starr .44, Winchester '69, his trusty roan, Cochise, and with the sense of purpose--and justice--of a much younger fella.

Along the way, Spurr gets a little assistance from a big half-breed--as mulish in his ways as ole Spurr himself--known as Yakima Henry...

Mean Pete hopes you enjoy the teaming up of two characters from separate halves of the same writer--Peter Brandvold's Spurr Morgan and Frank Leslie's Yakima Henry!


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  1. Hello Pete! Sounds like rip roaring adventure with my two favorite characters, and I can't wait get my hands on the new book. Salud mi amigo! In the words of Lowery Temple: Home gain, home again, jiggidy-jig!"