Friday, May 30, 2014

Paradox Falls Now Available at Amazon for .99!

My contemporary horror novel is available over at Amazon for a whopping .99 cents…for a limited time!

Go on over and pick yourselves up a copy, will you? I need the beer money and Miss Sydney could do with a new couch pad.

I've finally decided on a cover. I know it looks a little '70s-schlocky, but hey, Mean Pete himself is '70's-schlocky. The book, however, is a page-turner. Guaranteed! It even has an old cowboy in it who I hope will be played in the movie--knock on wood--by the great Harry Dean Stanton...

When you've finished reading the book, consider leaving Mean Pete a review. It don't HAVE to be a five-star…unless you think, like Mean Pete himself, that it's worth five stars.

I really would appreciate an honest assessment of the yarn, and other prospective readers would, too. And this isn't one of Mean Pete's nasty tricks. I will not send my attack dog after anyone who gives the book less than five stars. In fact, I've given Miss Sydney the next two weeks off. (See below.) So rest easy and I hope you enjoy the tale of sundry nefarious and grisly doings in the Colorado Rocky Mountain high country…

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