Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mean Pete Speaks

Go on over to Tom Rizzo's Historical-Action Adventure Blog and read what Mean Pete has to say about writing and dating Kate Upton. (Mothers, cover your children's ears!)


Okay, I was exaggerating a tad about Kate.  She's been callin' but I just haven't had time to chin with the girl. Mean Pete's got all his presses runnin'.  He's an entre-pre-newer, don't ya know!!

(By the way, I should have the KICKSTARTER.COM/ROGUE LAWMAN link up soon...)

I should also have news about Graphic Audio acquiring the rights to several of my series...

AND I revamped "The Lonely Widow" cover.  This is the story our Kickstarter script is based on:
See why Mean Pete don't have time to gab with Kate Upton?!



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