Friday, May 24, 2013


Please come and be part of the Rogue Lawman Kickstarter Project...  

In a nutshell, I and some western-loving friends would like to get a weekly western web series going, base on my Rogue Lawman novels featuring the borderline psychotic vigilante lawman, Gideon Hawk.  We already have actor Channon Roe slated to play Hawk.  (See pic above!)

We have nearly $6000.  We need $40,000.  We have 20 days to go!

Kick in a buck, two bucks, three bucks, four...or four hundred.  Better yet, four thousand!  Or kick in the whole kit'n'kaboodle and mingle with Mean Pete and the rich and famous on the set of Rogue Lawman.  And have the satisfaction of helping get a dang good western series up and running on the Web, and then--who knows--maybe HBO or Showtime, as well!

I hasten to add it's not charity we're asking for.  We guarantee a return on your investment.  The Kickstarter site tells all about it.  If you kick in so much, you can even be a prodoosah!  (That's Hollywood-speak for "producer.")

Here's the link.  Hop up in the hurricane deck, will ya?
Rogue Lawman Kickstarter Project!

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