Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interview at Manga Maniac Cafe

Here's an interview I did at Manga Maniac Cafe, mostly talking about my upcoming "weird" western novel (January)--DUST OF THE DAMNED, about my studly "wolfer" Uriah Zane hunting werebeasts with the lovely Angel Coffin and the less lovely and somewhat annoying Jesse James, and sparking witches an' such.

Let me assure you that no drugs aside from PBR were abused during the writing of this novel...


  1. I've put in my "pre-order" with Amazon.

  2. Yes, I pre-ordered as well. This sounds fantastic--and the first of another successful series, I hope.

  3. Oh no, PBR? I thought you had better taste. I didn't know that you could be a hipster and a western novelist at the same time.