Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bullet For A Virgin Coming Soon! (That'll Teach Her!)

Mean Pete has been scribbling madly away on BULLET FOR A VIRGIN, the first ebook exclusive original novella from Mean Pete Press.  Mean Pete's been having so much fun writing this that he's been forgetting to be mean.  Not only has he ceased shaking his fist at the neighbor children every chance he gets, he's even been going to bed grinning as opposed to snarling.

Imagine that!

What next--a plague?

Anyway, look for it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble--a 15 thousand word novella that will make your skull explode--within the next 7 days...


Mean Pete His Own (Usually) Mean an' Nasty Se'f

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  1. It'll be on my Kindle as soon as I know it's available, Mean Pete!