Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mean Pete and the Rogue Lawman Ride Again!

The first book in the Rogue Lawman series, first published in 2003, is now available as an ebook for $2.99 from Mean Pete Press, at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. When the heat dwindles this evening and the shadows stretch long beneath the cottonwoods, stroll on down to your own virtual Rexall Drug and pick up your copy from the virtual spinner racks over by the magazines and Dohn's Pills and Geritol, and buy an Orange Crush for your favorite guy or gal. 

But don't just stand around readin' without payin' cause you're just gonna make Mean Pete mad and you kids won't like Pete when he's mad, I'll guarantee ye! This heat and these Colorady wildfires have made Mean Pete extra mean an' nasty!!

Speaking of nasty, that feller on the cover is Gene "Rock" Kurz.  He posed for one of my large-print Rogue Lawman covers and emailed me a couple of years ago, and we've sort of been pen pals since.  Interesting guy with a mug that was sculpted pure an' true for westerns.  A few years ago, he'd have been a western movie star! 

Mean Pete's working extra hard in his dingy offices, cranking out one book after another with his two assistants, Miss Stella and Thor...who mostly sleep despite the reek of virtual ink and the roar of the virtual look for Book 5 in the Ben Stillman series--ONCE HELL FREEZES OVER--in the coming hours...

Till then, gidyup, pards.  (And you kids stay off'n Mean Pete's lawn, hear, or you'll get an air pellet in your keester.  Ha!)

Mean Pete His Own Mean An' Nasty Self

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