Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Revamped Covers by Mean Pete His Own Nasty Self

I've changed the design of a couple of my early covers that I was never really satisfied with.  But now that I've been getting my teeth cut on this graphic design thing--it's downright addicting!--I think I've come up with two that are a little more eye-catching than the originals.

Both are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  As I said before, the Stillman reprints are selling so well I intend to start writing the originals again this winter.  And I'm really looking forward to saddling up with ole Ben Stillman again.


Mean Pete


  1. Damn, Pete. You could have a second carreer there! Nice work.

  2. Good looking covers Pete.

    If you're gonna start writing more Stillman books reckon I better catch up with the last two or three I've yet to read.

    Steve M